Minimally Invasive Approach Popular for Vertebrae Fractures

29 Apr Minimally Invasive Approach Popular for Vertebrae Fractures

Fractured vertebrae are not at all uncommon. They can be the result of a fall, trauma, chronic osteoporosis or metastatic bone cancer. Since one fracture, can lead to another, severely limiting movement and increasing the level of pain, early diagnosis and treatment is essential.

“Whenever possible, my goal is to treat these acute conditions minimally invasively,” said Dr. Ajay Yeddu. “I’ve found that vertebral augmentation creates something similar to an internal cast on the inside of the vertebrae without surgical intervention.”

The outpatient procedure, which is also called balloon kyphoplasty, has been proven to significantly relieve pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

Dr. Yeddu performs most vertebral augmentation in office making a small incision in the back which has been numbed with a local anesthetic. During the procedure, a balloon is used to create an opening in the collapsed vertebra which is then filled with bone cement. The hardened cement stabilizes the fracture and alleviating pain in approximately 90 percent of patients.

“We evaluate every patient individually for the best treatment for his or her condition,” said Dr. Yeddu. “For many of the millions of Americans with vertebral damage, this procedure can provide a permanent fix and a return to normal levels of activity.”

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