Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial Addresses Chronic Pain

29 Apr Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial Addresses Chronic Pain

While some chronic pain patients find relief with initial treatment options, others continue to suffer in search of symptom relief or balk at the side-effects of existing treatment. Fortunately, many are finding their answer in neuromodulation or spinal cord stimulation.

Dr. Ajay Yeddu is participating in the Medtronic spinal cord stimulation trial, an FDA-approved treatment option that is dedicated to help address the chronic pain of those who have suffered for six months or more.

“There are many causes for pain and our focus is to understand and address the dysfunction at its core,” said Dr. Ajay Yeddu. “One of the benefits of Medtronic spinal cord stimulation is that patients can test it to see if it will help manage their chronic pain before making a long-term commitment.”

The temporary system allows patients a screening lasting several days to determine how spinal cord stimulation works for their daily pain levels. Patients will learn how neurostimulation feels, the level to which it reduces their pain, and how closely it achieves their specific pain management goals.

Benefits of this treatment modality can include less oral pain medication, significant and long term chronic pain reduction, enhanced quality of life and the fact that it’s reversible. It can also be adjusted to provide different levels of stimulation for various activities and times of day.

“Another benefit which I encourage my patients to consider,” said Dr. Yeddu, “is the option to talk with someone who has been living with neurostimulation. While I work with each patient to educate them on all aspects of this treatment, Medtronic’s Ambassador Program connects prospective with someone currently living with the stimulator.”

To learn more about this treatment therapy, visit www.tamethepain.com or schedule a visit with Desert Interventional Spine Consultants.

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